Development Studies

Development Studies is a multi-disciplinary field of study that dealswith three aspects of development: theory, strategy and ideology. Development Studies at the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development ITB focuses on the understanding of theories, normative principles, and strategies of development within a holistic framework that takes into account aspects of economy, politics, socio-cultural, technology, humanity and sustainable environment. It endeavors to provide the state of the art in the field of development studies, to achieve academic excellence and to enhance its role in the development process of the Indonesian society. The academic program is designed as such to enable participants with both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ sciences background to attend and gain benefit from it. As such the Program is relevant for policy makers, public administrators, business persons and bankers, politicians, engineers, NGO staff, and researchers. The Program provides an academic environment that allows students from a multitude background to interact and exchange ideas as well as information with researchers from various centers at ITB. The learning system is designed to response to development issues that exist in the society. Case study materials and contextual issues are discussed, and development actors are invited as guest lectures. Students are encouraged to investigate issues encountered in their immediate environment for further exploration through thesis work.