Thesis Defense: “Research of Influence The Development of Tanjung Api-Api Special Economic Zones on The Economy of South Sumatra”

Mr. Harry Firstiansyah, student id. 24015012 undertook thesis defense on 11 January 2018, with thesis title“Research of Influence The Development of Tanjung Api-Api Special Economic Zones on The Economy of South Sumatra”. The Thesis defense session was attended by Dr. Ir. Sonny Yuliar and Dr. Munadjat as examiners and Dr. Ir.Muhammad Tasrif as Supervisor. Passing the thesis defense is the ultimate academic requirement to earn a master degree from ITB. Mr. Harry Firstiansyah will be graduated on 6 April2018.







Harry Firstiansyah

Student id: 24015012


Acceleration and expansion of regional and national economic development realized by the Central Government one of them by stipulating the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 39 Year 2009 on Special Economic Zones. Development of Tanjung Api-api Special Economic Zones as a regional development approach aimed at balancing development among regions in Indonesia to be more just and equitable with attention to the potentials in each region. Implementation of the Act through the preparation of several areas that have geo-economic and geostrategic advantages.


The objectives of the research are 1) to describe the economic condition of South Sumatera Province, 2) to analyze the influencing element in the development of Tanjung Api-Api Special Economic Zones to overcome the economic development problems of South Sumatera Province; and 3) to develop scenario or policy strategy to obtain economic condition. desired from the influence of SEZ Tanjung Api-Api development in order to overcome the problems of economic development that occurred.


From the results of the research, the economic dynamics of South Sumatera Province which is supported by the economic activities of the sector, population and labor. The linkages of the three sectors are illustrated by sectoral wage conditions received by a single labor force. The sectoral wage gap is one of the parameters of economic inequality that is a homework for stakeholders, especially the government to be able to be overcome in order to achieve equity welfare in economic development. Policy strategy that can be an option in the construction of KEK Tanjung api-api to improve the problems of economic development and achieve the desired economic conditions with Increased sector productivity, among others by providing supporting infrastructure to achieve increased productivity, increase investment by reducing the delay on investment. , improving the quality of human resources through improvement of the education system that leads to the world of work, improvement of educational infrastructure, improvement of health services and wage policies that are in favor of non-entrepreneurs.  Synchronization between business sectors in order to create a business climate that is mutually dependent and profitable so that the rotation of economic wheels in accordance with the goals to be achieved together the community prosperous evenly in economic development.


Keywords: Special Economic Zones, Tanjung Api-Api

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